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Hello San Francisco!

March 16, 2011
Our Intrepid Leader

Our Intrepid Leader

Wandrian Adventure’s CEO and founder is moving to San Francisco to open a new office.  We are now a bi-coastal operation!

Some of our staff (including this writer) hail from San Francisco originally and would like to offer a few suggestions for our CEO in his new home.

  1. You’ll love the Castro. No, really. The color and street life are amazing.
  2. Keep up the biking but be prepared to have leg burn like you’ve never imagined. Don’t be too lax about locking the bike either, you’ve only moved from the #1 “most likely to get your bike stolen” city to the #7.
  3. Jogging the Golden Gate and golden gate park is highly recommended. So is wasting boatloads of money at Sports Basement (don’t worry, we all know about your gear addiction).
  4. And last (but not least), get yourself a Flying Dutchman at In And Out Burger. Yup, the delicious west coast fast food chain has a SECRET MENU!

Have fun spreading the adventure, luxury, authenticity and giving back to our sister coast. New York City wishes you well!

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