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Waterkeeper in India (special report)

April 19, 2011

Mona Steen, Waterkeeper board member and traveler on our recent Ultimate Himalayan TrekMona's Speech sent a quick summary of her experience meeting with Waterkeeper India.

“Local Yamuna River Waterkeeper Minakshi Arora has been working with local community leaders for several months, and the result was an event last week at the M D International School.  I was most fortunate that the event coincided with my trip to India, and I was the honored guest.  The program was attended by local media, community leaders and the 400 students in the school  Minakshi presented the devastating facts of the pollution on the Yamuna, and other community leaders expressed their concerns over the impact of this critically important water source for their children and their quality of Waterkeeper meeting Indialife.  At the event, they discussed success stories that started with concerned citizens like them, and determined at that meeting that they would form a community committee and begin to work seriously to influence controls over pollution on the Yamuna.  It was inspiring, and I will stay close to this group to watch their progress. “

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