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Wandrian Adventures goes “Minimalist” Running

April 27, 2011

Not exactly the most attractive option...

The least attractive option

The least attractive option

Every few years there is a new sport fad that sweeps the market: a new watch that tracks your heart rate, mileage, pace, syncs with your iphone and your shoes, a new set of earbuds that are aerodynamic, waterproof and deliver the full spectrum of sound, a new pair of shoes that will allow you to run the marathon and jump into space as soon as you put them on. Most sport fads are focused with adding more to your workout, so you can track more, hear more, and do more. What of this latest fad, where the point is to do the exact opposite? Like so many long distance runners, I have suffered my fair share of injuries, many of which kept me from running for months. Shin splints, Plantar Fasciitis, lower back pain and muscle cramping, are among the fairly long list of issues I have experienced. So I decided to try a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. First impression? Well, they’re ugly as sin. I could be jogging around Central Park in a negligee and people would still be staring at me feet whispering to their jogging partner, “aliens”! Second impression? Wow. My feet are light and connected to the ground’s every bump and curvature. My foot turnover has nearly doubled and, after two months, I can sail through 4 miles without pain. I see an international minimalist running adventure in Wandrian’s itinerary in the near future…

A whole book’s worth of (entertaining) information on barefoot running: “Born to Run

Have you tried barefoot/minimalist running? What was your experience?

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