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Building Real-World Business Relationships via Twitter and Linkedin

May 4, 2011

This may seem a strange posting for an adventure travel company, but we have recently found twitter and linkedin so useful in creating real-world relationships in the business world, we thought we would share the wealth.  Start with a company with which you currently have a vibrant and mutually beneficial business relationship, the sort of success you would like to clone. For example…

Eastern Mountain Sports twitter

A partner

There are two ways to go about this, depending on the sort of partners you are looking for.

"Outdoor living" tweet feed

Find your partner’s twitter page and see if they have a number in the “listed” category at the top right. In this case Eastern MNTN Sports has been added to 259 lists. These lists have been compiled by other twitter users and generally group similar companies into tweet feeds as seen on the left. Take advantage of the grouping and organizing that other people have already done – it’s like having a twitter secretary!

If you are interested in partnerships with companies that are not necessarily this similar to one another, check out who your partner “follows”.

Eastern Mountain Sports' is following...

In this case Eastern Mountain Sports follows 1,663 individuals and companies. Whew! That’s a long list! One of the first individuals is Amanda Wormann, the Social Media Manager of Burton Snowboards. Oh, perfect! We would love to work with Burton! Now you can use Google to search for her specifically. Type in “Amanda Wormann Linkedin” to google.


The first result is exactly what we want, her Linkedin account.

You can see where she has worked, what her interests are and what events she has attended over the past few months. Great! You can now send her an e-mail directly through Linkedin (if you have an upgraded account), you can search for her contact information via facebook or through Burton’s directory, or you can message or mention her on twitter.

You can be this direct if you are looking for a contact point in a well known organization OR you can use this same method to connect with less known companies that also might make good partners. Referring back to the “Following” image for EMS, the second result was Rhodyfitness, a Rhode Island fitness company. You can now search for that company directly through google to get their contact information.

It is important to use these methods in a professional and non-spammy way. Tailor your e-mails for the individual you are contacting and thoroughly research the company in question before you try to make contact. If you do not show respect and appreciation for what their company does, they will not be interested in working with you.

Have you found other ways to use Social Media as a way to increase partnerships and relationships for your business? Please comment!

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