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Wandrian Adventures: Interview

May 11, 2011

The stunning temples of Cambodia

Most of our blog posts to date have been looking outward, toward customers, destinations, or what it’s like to travel with Wandrian Adventures. This afternoon we have the pleasure of looking at what it’s like to work for Wandrian Adventures, with BDA Tracy E. Bartley, or, as she is more often referred to, Employee #1.

Tracy, why “employee #1”?

John, Wandrian’s founder, refers to his employees in the order they were hired. I was the first, but I also get a kick out of how it makes me sound like the best!

How long have you been with Wandrian Adventures?

Not that long actually, I’m just finishing up my first year.

What do you typically do in a day?

The only consistent parts of my day are in social media and e-mail, the rest varies from rock-climbing with an event sponsor, redesigning the ‘face’ of the webpage, to meeting with web development groups to potentially offer a super-niche trip… I’m very excited about the possibilities of the latter, but I can’t say more on the subject quite yet.

Peaceful in Yellowstone

Where did you last travel?

I spend three months in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

What is the worst experience you’ve had while working with Wandrian?

Good question. I’d say all in all it’s been amazing, but I do have a particular dislike for the New York Times Travel Show. I’ve been two years in a row and I have hated it both rounds. Many of my favorite travel experiences occurred in countries (or even entire regions of the world) that are not represented. The overwhelming majority of trip offerings are for cruise ships, Florida, or others that give you a “vacation” experience without actually connecting with the incredible diversity of the culture and people of the destination. I love Wandrian because it offers directly experiential trips that are  life-changing and life-enriching. It’s what travel SHOULD be.

Muhammad Ali Mosque, Cairo

It seems you are working for the right company.

Yes, I think so too.

Any suggestions for fellow travel lovers looking to become similarly employed in the industry?

Get involved in every project, event and group involving travel you can find. The more connections you already have (or better yet, have created), the more useful a potential travel employer is going to find you. Besides, being involved in the travel community is always a good time!

One last question before you go, what is your favorite travel story or memory?

Hah, that would be the time I accidentally pepper-sprayed myself, got malaria and decided to join the locally popular style of a shaved head all in 24 hours. If you want the whole story you’ll have to come to the upcoming Travel Story ThrowDown.

You can read more about Wandrian adventures on our home page,

and about Tracy E. Bartley and her travels on her blog.


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