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Wandrian Adventures in Austin, TX!

May 20, 2011

We are excited to be working with a few passions of our BDM to create new (and unique!) trips including, barefoot running, Web and Travel app development, and that pesky Nicaraguan learn-to-surf trip we’ve been working on for way too long. These passions are a perfect match to her new home, and Wandrian’s latest location, Austin, TX! She will be officially moved and settled in late June but is taking some time to enjoy the adventure of the United States on the road. Not all unique and life-investment travel has to be outside the United States, in fact, some of our greatest adventures can happen while camping in West Virginia. It’s this idea that drives our latest trip development. You don’t have to leave the U.S. to have the Wandrian experience. (Stay tuned!)

Hopefully our BDM will have time to write a blog post about camping and the road trip. She’s likely to come up with her best ideas sitting on the lake shore underneath a tree. (Congratulations on the move!)

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