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The Strange Life of Google Searches

May 25, 2011

For those of you who are unaware, Google Analytics provides a tracking code and service imbedded into your website. You can view the searches that return your website as a result, which can be educational as to what your (potential) clients are looking for. Or, it can be an amusing look into the “search-life” of others. Here are a few of Wandrian Adventures’ recent search terms.

“Cow India” – We’re not sure what this individual was looking for specifically. Are there cows in India? Yes. The best we can offer is a picture of a cow in India, as we assume this individual meant to perform a Google image search.

Adventures of Different People” – We’re actually rather pleased to be the result of these search terms! We cater to very diverse individuals with equally diverse trips and adventures, so we’ll take this to mean we’re doing a good job.

“Can you View the Aurora Borealis from Lake Baikal” – Sorry but, no. Lake Baikal, while great for our Heli-rafting trip, is not northerly enough to enjoy the Nothern Lights. We would suggest Lovozero, which is adjacent to Finland.

“Kodeerimana Homestay” – Actually this is a small part of our, River Regeneration project in Kerala. You also get to sail on a houseboat…

“Muttonbird Island to Milford Sound” – We head in the other direction, from Milford Sound (by sea kayak) down to Stewart Island (by plane) in our Southern Islands Adventure. And yes, the island is filled with a species of seabird that is purported to taste like mutton.

Because of the constantly shifting nature of these search terms, The Strange Life of Google Searches will become one of our monthly posting topics. Please feel free to share the search terms you have discovered for your own website.

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