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A Recap of Online Press and PR

July 28, 2011

Wandrian Adventures has received some wonderful individual reviews and some great bits in various publications over the past year. Considering that we are a relatively young company, we are proud to present (less than) a year’s summary with such prestigious associations.

John Ricci, the founder/CEO of Wandrian Adventures, says “We like to keep things simple here at Wandrian Adventures. Our focus is on three things. We want to deliver the experience of a lifetime. We want to put travelers in accommodations that are part of that experience (luxury whenever possible). We also want to give back to the community with projects you can see while in-country. (Read more)

We provide memories for a lifetime, the kind of experiences that most of the population of the planet hasn’t even thought of doing. Diving in icebergs of the northernmost city on the planet? Check! Taking a helicopter in to otherwise inaccessible parts of Siberia to go rafting? Check! Surfing or learning to surf the coast of Nicaragua with the masters of the local surf circuit then packing the bus with kids who have never seen the ocean before? Awesome! (Read more)

Wandrian Adventures  focuses on combining adventures, education, and culture into one-of-a-kind adventure travel packages. These small-group trips are both eco-sensitive and sensitive to the cultures the group is visiting. This tour operator has partnered with 1% for the Planet, which means one percent of  Wandrian Adventure’s gross profits goes to companies that support the environment. (Read More)

Get Up Close With The Wildlife and Culture of India where you will spend 14 days tracking the elusive and majestic tiger – on Jeep and on the back on an elephant – at two of India’s most beautiful national game preserves. Also, you’ll see swamp deer, black bucks, Indian bison, barking deer, and leopards. Marvel at the elegant balance and beautiful symmetry of the Taj Mahal—one of the most stunning monuments in the world—and revel in the stark contrasts between New Delhi and Old Delhi in a privately guided sightseeing tour. Prices start at $3,800 per person. (Read more)

In honor of Sex In the City 2, Wandrian Adventures put together an 8-day Moroccan girls getaway package.  Some of the package highlights include exploring Marrakech by foot and hot air balloon, trekking through the Atlas Mountains and meeting the Berber people who call the mountains home, traveling on camelback to a luxurious oasis, private cooking lessons and spa treatments.  The company along with their partners support “Education For All Morocco,” an association that provides lodgings and support to girls from remote villages in the Atlas who wish to pursue secondary education. (Read more)

Electric Fork: Wandrian Adventures has had some prestigious clients, from Explorer’s Club members to members of the Kennedy family. How does Wandrian cater to these tastes?

John: First and foremost by respecting their individual tastes and not providing a one size fits all approach. We have always said it’s your adventure and your definition of adventure that matters most. We customize all of our adventures and what you see on our website is just a place to begin thinking about what you want to do, where you want to go and it hopefully provides a catalyst for you to begin planning with us. (Read more)

Visit rainforests of Ecuador and areas that are home to the Huaorani, native Amerindians that have long inhabited the headwaters of the Amazon, living as nomadic hunters and gatherers with no outside contact until the end of the 1950s. According to tradition, they migrated to this area long ago to escape from cannibals. The Huaorani speak a language unrelated to any other; their name means “the people”, while everyone else is cowore, or “non-human” (that’s us). (Read more)

John Ricci (is) owner of Wandrian Adventures a New York City-based company that’s committed to responsible travel. Ricci has spent many a night under the stars, having explored 44 countries and six continents throughout his adventures. (Read more)

Three things you should always have when camping for any amount of time: good toothpaste, because it always has a way of making you feel fresh even if you cannot shower; duct tape, for anything, including surgery; and a way to make fire that will work even if it’s wet. I was once on a river in Ethiopia for 29 days and showered in dirty water as much as I could, but after I brushed my teeth, that fresh breath always woke me up in the morning. Once I had a cut that we had to staple shut without anesthesia and it was duct tape that kept it dry day after day on the river. And of course fire is self-explanatory. One other thing is baby wipes. You can use them to “shower” and, like toothpaste, they make you feel fresh. (Read more)

Thank you, each and ever traveler who has recommended us and every publication who has found us fascinating. We promise to keep up the good work.

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