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Friday Travel Quiz

August 5, 2011

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our travel quizes, the rules are simple:  Study each question and click on one of the two multiple choice links.  If you are correct, you will be sent to the corresponding website.  If you are wrong, you’re flight will be delayed.

1. What day is International Beer Day?

a. August 5th

b. April 7th

c. January 19th

d. July 4th

2.  Study the picture below.  Where was it taken?

a.  Mongolia

b. Tanzania

c. Argentina

d. Mexico

3.  What is the name of the fruit pictured below?

a. Lychee

b. Durian

c. Prickly Pear

d. Dragon Fuit

4. Which airline’s advertising campaign slogan is, “One Of The World’s Best Airlines”?

a. British Airways

b. Iberia Airlines

c. Continental Airlines

d. Air France

5. Which newspaper’s travel section has a reporter who on assignment biking across America?

a. The New York Times

b. Washington Post

c. The Oregonian

d. The London Herald Tribune


Which airline gave a man on their flight who was suffering from cardiac arrest a sandwich and then charged him for it?

a. American Airlines

b. Air Lingus

c. Air France

d. RyanAir

Happy Travels!

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